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"Great Family Fun"

This was our first time skiing a big mountain. We spent two full days here and we loved it! The staff is friendly and helpful and there were many runs to choose from. We will definitely be back again!

Visited December 2016

Karma S - Grande Prairies


“Great family ski area”

We have been skiing here for a week at Spring Break for several years, and I can give it a good overall rating as a family destination ski area for many reasons.
It has good facilities, friendly atmosphere, lots of variety for skiing at various levels and it is priced right.
Intermediate skiers will find the terrain excellent and extensive. Advanced skiers may find it a little light on easily accessible, difficult runs. To access challenges, I found myself having to hike up or head down areas with too many obstacles for my liking, and top-to-bottom includes a big flat area to cruise through. That being said, there are some terrific runs where you can really get into a fast tempo.
The mid-mountain chalet is excellent, lifts are great, crowds are very small and snow conditions and slope grooming generally good. It is not an enormous top-end resort like Whistler (where I have skied most often), but it also not Rossland's quirky Red Mountain. Instead, Marmot Basin is a full realized potential that is just too far from a major population base to grow much more. And I think it is just right as it is.
The town of Jasper has many reasonably priced hotels, as well as the iconic if somewhat overpriced JPL, in the winter. (It is a different story in the summer.) Jasper is a long drive from Edmonton, the closest city and you have to pay fees to be in the national park, but it is worth it. If you have time, consider travelling by train (VIA Rail) for that classic experience.
Id suggest taking the first day to take in the park and town, get booked into your hotel (my budget choice is Mt Robson Inn with the free breakfast), get rentals (I recommend Totem) and explore the quaint town. Make sure you check out Jasper Park Lodge (JPL) just outside town, even if you are not staying there.
We've had consistently good experiences with spring skiing in Jasper at Marmot Basin and I can recommend it to all skiers and skiing families.

Visited April 2014

bhs_wpg - Winnipeg
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"Most underrated ski hill in the Rockies”
Just off another great day and I continue to love this hill. Having skied over 40 years in 3 countries and 7 mountain ranges I think I can say this hill has the best grooming I have ever experienced, and at my age grooming is everything. Also with the highest base elevation in Canada Marmot is great in the spring. Pleasant lifties and a great Ski Patrol just add to a wonderful ski experience.

Visited April 2014


Robert Turnbull -
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"Nothing beats Marmot!!!”
My family of 2 adults and 2 teenagers love skiing at Marmot Basin and go a couple times a year. There is skiing for all levels and there is every kind of terrain and runs to suit everyone. My daughter and I love to ski "the Knob" and my son and husband love the runs off the "Eagle Ridge Chair." Marmot is less busy than many resorts because there is lots of room for skiers and snowboarders to spread out and the snow conditions are always good to fabulous. The lift operators are friendly and everyone is having a great time. When I ski at other resorts, it reminds me of just how awesome Marmot is.
Visited February 2014
Colleen H - Edmonton, AB
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"My wife and I have skied for many years across Canada, the US, and Europe and we think that Marmot Basin is just about perfect.  Great terrain variety, good snow, lots of sunshine, and a very competent and pleasant operating crew makes for the most enjoyable skiing ever." 

Visited March 2014

Neville, Engineer - New York

"Went Skiing at Marmot Basin in the middle of April, must say the conditions where excellent this year. Took our whole family and spent 3 days skiing. Very little to no line-ups at any of the chair lifts, staff was friendly and courtious. Ate lunch at the Hill, prices where reasonable and the beer was excellent. This hill has numerous runs for all different levels of skiers, very much enjoyed the weekend and look forward to coming back."

Visited April 2013

skiholiday52766 - Fairview Alberta Canada
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"Skied for 2 days with the family late April 2013. Was very late in the season (8 days before the mountain closed for the season), but the snow was still excellent. Even some nice powder at the top. There were 5 of us skiing - 2 x intermediate and 3 x beginners.

Hadn't booked anything when we turned up at the mountain (the booking office in town had closed for the season), but the staff were very accommodating and got us sorted quickly and efficiently with intro packages (lessons, gear, lift) for the beginners - great value.

Also purchased a Marmot Family Card for $70 which gave us reduced rates on all lessons, gear, lifts etc which worked out well. I was very impressed with the setup for beginners. After moving off the small magic carpet onto the schoolhouse lift, the beginners had a great slope to learn on - uncrowded and reduced speed to build confidence. Also you could purchase lift tickets for the lower area only for about $30/day ($20 with discount card) which was great value - especially as the schoolhouse chair gave access to the schoolhouse run plus 3 or 4 other green runs.

The other great thing was that the better skiiers in our group could go up the fast lifts to the top of the mountain, and when they ski down could ski thru the beginners area at the end to check on the rest of the group. This worked great and I felt comfortable leaving some of the kids in the beginners area. Had previously skiied one day at Lake Louise and I enjoyed Marmot Basin more - thought the setup was better especially for a mixed ability group.

Lodge/cafeteria was very comfortable and very reasonable prices. Let us use hot water for free. Would definitely return to marmot."

Visited April 2013

dlzzzz - Fremantle, Australia
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"Challenging terrain and high speed chairs. This is my preferred destination for taking skiers to hone their skills. Fast chairs and incrementally increasingly difficult terrain. Most Excellent Lodges very good value."

Visited January 2013

Frank K - Edmonton
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"Went skiing with the family the first weekend of March for a few days. On the day we arrived, it was snowing like crazy. On the hill there was so much powder it was unbelievable!!! It snowed for both days we were skiing. The second day it was groomed a little but there were still pockets of powder everywhere. Loved the runs. Basically you can get a green run from any lift and they are all great. The youngest in our family is 12 and he is a beginner skier. He loved the greens and could follow us on all the chairs.

The runs are all wide and there are lots of little jumps and paths through the trees that the kids loved to go on. Hubby did Hobbits Hollow (blue) with my 14 year old and there was powder past his knees on the second day. Can't get any better than that!!!"

Visited March 2013

migamouse - Edmonton, Canada
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"We visited over New Year for the first time and we're on the way back in December 2013 over Christmas. Great skiing good lift tech's nice people all-round especially Jez Badcock who is an awesome instructor. Really looking forward to next winter. Wish Could do a season! Get the Marmot /Sunshine card it really does save on lift costs."

Visited January 2013

Into_the_Blue - London, United Kingdom
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"Marmot has grown over the years from a tiny local ski hill to a large ski resort with many high speed lifts. And it still keeps its unique charm. There is a good variety of runs with areas to please absolutely everyone. The only complaint now is that we get worn out skiing since there are no lift lines, so no time to rest. The two chalets provide tasty comfort food and a variety of beverages."

Visited January 2013 

Brenda4730 - St Albert, Canada
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"We've been to Marmot Basin quite a few times over the years, but we keep coming back because it's just such a great place to ski! There is a nice variety of runs to keep every skill level interested, and the scenery is gorgeous - the views from the top are amazing! The high speed chairs mean that even when it looks like a long line-up, it'll only be a few minutes 'til you're on your way. Can't wait to go back!"

Visited December 2012

bmisk - Sherwood Park, Canada
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"Was there today with my young children (4 & 7) and we had a GREAT experience. The ski rental crew were all patient and very helpful, and the ski instructor was AMAZING!! Stephan took my kids for a two hour lesson and was nothing short of amazing with them. I was very pleased that their very first experience skiing was such a positive one, thank you!!! We will be back."

Visited November 2012

dmmw11 - Sherwood Park, AB
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"If your in the Jasper area during the winter and are looking for a great place to ski that is good for all skill levels, even the extreme skier, then Marmot Basin is the place for you. Especially good if you have family with small kids. This is where I learned to ski at a young age and I still come back year after year.

Over the last few years there have been additional lifts added and upgraded to move people a lot quicker and get them doing what they came here to do, Ski/Board! We came during spring break which typically is a busy time and yet we waited no more than 2 minutes in line. "

ShaunEdm - Edmonton
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"Our first visit to this resort and guaranteed not to be our last. There are multiple chair-lifts which ensure rapid access to whichever part of the mountain you would like to ski. This resort grooms runs but also allows adjacent runs to be deep in powder which allows families who's skiers/boarders have varying abilities to ski on the same part of the slope but at their appropriate level of technical ability. Visited April 2012"

Fiona - Calgary, AB
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"With the addition of the new chairs in recent years this is a great hill. It is set up so every level can go up any chair, the Knob, being the only exception, so the family or friends can always be together. Everyone can take suitable runs down and then meet at the chair to go up again. The fire pit and restaurant midway up is a perfect stop for lunch. It is also great to be able to ski to your vehicle at any time so you don't need a locker. Great ski hill!"

Visited May 2012

itchintogo2 - Edmonton, Canada
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"Ski Hills are usually described as being good at one thing or the other. Marmot is very good at everything. It is an awesome hill to take the family - tons of green runs, easy to hard blues, and THE best tree runs anywhere. The knob chair is always waiting for those wanting the black or double black bump or bowl runs. The Sun makes it's way around the bowl throughout the day which means there is always a soft run during the day. Also, you will not wait in line more than 2 minutes - ever! The high speed chairs are better than any other hill. I've gone there for over 30 years, taken my kids there, and now take my teens there. If I take them to another hill, they always compare it to Marmot and want to go back."

Lou Jaffe - British Columbia, Canada
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