We've opened the slope, now it's time to name the runs!

Here's what you need to know:

  • There are 5(five)BIG Runs that need names
  • We need your help to Name them!
  • There is great prizing including a chance to win a 2018/19 Season Pass, as well as one of five Tres Hombres toques if you come up with a winning name.

Submit an awesome, interesting, appropriate name (or five) for our newest, nameless runs in Tres Hombres. Glory and Prizes to won if you submit one of the winning names!

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Need some inspiration?
Incredible advanced and expert off-piste skiing and snowboarding terrain. This treeless, north-facing, slope is worth checking out for yourself.  


And here's a little history on how Tres Hombres got it's name:

The folklore goes that three adventurous spirits illegally snuck into Tres Hombres in 1973, and skied the beautiful north facing bowl. 1973 was the same year the popular band ZZ Top released their album 'Tres Hombres'. The folklore goes that this was the 'album of the winter' for these hombres, and they began to refer to this slope with that name. As secrets this big are hard to keep, the story eventually leaked and the area officially became Tres Hombres in the years to follow.

So there you have it! Now it's up to you.
Submit up to five names to go down in Marmot Basin's history. 

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