Autoimmune diseases are estimated to affect some 23 million Americans, less than 13 percent of us can actually name an illness in this group. This underlines the fact that the study of the immune system (immunology) is still very much an evolving field, as doctors and researchers learn more about the body’s natural defense system—and what happens when it malfunctions. Show your support and spread the word about these diseases by wearing your PJ’s.

Below is a schedule of events for the day.


Breakfast Television:

Location: New Fire Hall

Time: 5:30am start 9:00am finish

Pancake Breakfast will be available to raise money for MS Society

6:15    PJ Dancing from variety show – with people in the background doing PJ yoga. Want a big crowd of dozens or a 100 people wearing PJs.

6:54    Mayor of Jasper

 7:22    Chef Elizabeth/outdoor cooking/Paelo diet

8:13    (for 2 minutes) Flashmob – high school kids

8:22    Kids Grade 1 classes - singing What I am by Will.I.Am (backed by Randal Scott band)

8:50    Randal Scott band (Barb) confirmed

PJ’s and Pooches Pack Walk

8:30am meet at Info Centre Lawn

PJ Yoga

10am – 11am River Stone Yoga Studio 608 Patricia Street

PJ Ski Fun Race

11am – Marmot Basin PJ Run

Noon – meet at Totem Pole

PJ Fashion, Dance and Song Show

7:30pm start time – Doors open at 7:15pm at Activity Centre Multi-Purpose Room