Marmot Basin Opens 9th Nov 2012

This year it was almost as if someone flicked a switch for winter! The temperatures dropped, the snow line started to creep further down the mountains and the Marmot Basin snow making crew swung into action.

In mid October Marmot started to see the ideal conditions of low humidity and temperatures of around -12°C to start making the snow base in the lower mountain area - so out came the 10 snow guns and hundreds of metres of pipes and power cables to make this happen.

Time to start creating a winter wonderland!

In order to make snow, you need water - lots of water! In 2006 Marmot invested around $1.8 million in a state of the art snow making system for the lower mountain area. This environmentally friendly system enables Marmot to be self-sufficient in its water supply effectively using the snow to feed its fresh water requirements.

So, conditions allowing, snow making will continue until around early February 2013 to help top up our natural snow fall and to help with construction of our terrain parks.

All in all we're in good shape for a record long season.

Are You Ready Yet? .... We Definitely Are!