The Marmot Challenge is a regularly scheduled, fun ski race that’s been a staple here at Marmot Basin for decades. The course is set for both skiers and snowboarders. Teams of 4 or 5 people race the course, keeping their 7 best times to count as the team’s overall time. Teams can be made up of skiers, snowboarders or a mix of both.  Teams are separated into the following categories:
·         Male Ski
·         Female Ski
·         Snowboard
·         Under 40
·         41 and Above
This year there is also an individual category for those who like to compete solo.
Why race? Here are 5 great reasons why you won’t want the miss the Marmot Challenge:
1. It’s fun!
Racing can be fun - for everyone. If you are the competitive type, you can satisfy your craving to compete. But the Marmot Challenge is about more than winning a race. It’s a community event that helps to bring local snow lovers together for an entertaining day at the hill.
2. Test your skills
Think you’re a good skier or snowboarder? Prove it by taking the challenge of precision. In a race course, the tightest, straightest line is usually the fastest. Sure, you can rock powder, bumps, groomers and crud, but do you have the skills to carve seconds off the fastest time?
3. Improve your skills
Racing a course is a great way to discover any weaknesses in your skiing or boarding skills. Working through the skills required to ski or board a race course fast will help you improve your overall skiing or boarding
4. Challenge your friends, colleagues or competitors
The Marmot Challenge has a long tradition of friends challenging each other, work teams taking some time to relax away from the office to test each other in a new forum and competitors to win bragging rights over who’s REALLY the best.
5. Win the party
Winning the party is a Jasper tradition. What does it mean? Not matter how good or bad your team performed, there’s a place afterwards to get together to celebrate victories, console the defeated, laugh over mishaps, and solidify new friendships. The party starts at 5:00 at the D’ed Dog with race videos. Awards start at 7:00. So, how do you win the party? Show up, enjoy yourself and you’re a winner in our books.
If you’d like more information on race details, rules, and how to register, please head to our events page.