Why did you select the four specific proposals to advance in this plan?

Parks Canada had previously agreed, in principle, to a range of possible proposals in the 2008 Site Guidelines. Each of these project proposals is consistent with those Site Guidelines.

  • Based on the success of the interim snowmaking system that was put in place in 2004, making that system permanent and expanding snowmaking coverage to the mid and lower upper mountain area is a priority.
  • Our proposals to expand parking and traffic circulation address current issues at the ski hill.
  • The proposal associated with the Caribou Chalet involves covering one of the existing public decks and replacing the existing trailers with an extension to the chalet to largely house administrative staff that has been working in the unsightly trailers.
  • The proposal for glading in the vicinity of the old Keifer T-bar simply involves brushing out three areas that have been skied for many years but are now becoming overgrown.

Can you discuss these proposals in greater detail?

Details of both the 2014 Long-Range Plan and the Detailed Impact Analysis are now being finalized. Summaries of documents, the full documents and various resource documents will be available Monday June 9th.

Who is being consulted about this plan?

Ski Marmot Basin is committed to providing an open and transparent public engagement process. All interested members of the public are welcome to review the draft 2014 Long-Range Plan and Detailed Impact Analysis that Ski Marmot Basin provide in September.

More specifically, Ski Marmot Basin has an extensive contact list that will be contacted and provided with information about the upcoming plan review. Parks Canada also has a list of individuals and groups that they will contact independently (due to provisions of the Canada Privacy Act). People not on any mailing list can, of course, request the information. In September/October open house sessions will be held in both Jasper and Edmonton. Parks Canada will make all the information available to aboriginal groups.

How will the information be used?

Ski Marmot Basin has retained TERA Environmental Consultants to engage the public on our behalf. We will have a month long review period beginning in June 2014. Interested members of the public may provide comments in writing, electronically or at one of two open houses to be held June 23rd and 24th in Edmonton and Jasper.

All comments received will be directed to TERA Consulting who will provide a complete analysis of the comments to both Parks Canada and Ski Marmot Basin. Based on the comments received, Parks Canada may provide direction to Ski Marmot Basin about the content, direction or conclusions reached in both the 2014 Long-Range Plan and the Detailed Impact Analysis. Ski Marmot Basin welcomes all opinions that will help the ski area move forward as a sustainable and high quality commercial operation located in one Canada’s most iconic national parks. Ski Marmot Basin will conduct an open, transparent and professional public engagement program.

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