Inversion below Tres Hombres. Photo taken on December 2, 2017

Get out of the cold in town and come on up to Marmot Basin where the temperatures are warmer.
This morning at 8 am while it was -25 in town it was -18 at upper mountain.


Photo shared by @boristhebandit via Instagram #MarmotBasin on December 25th, 2017

The past few days Marmot Basin has been experiencing a temperature inversion, which means the air is colder in town and warmer up on the mountain.

Let's get technical here. When we talk about a temperature inversion, we are talking about an atmospheric condition that is upside down from the way things normally are. In a "normal" atmosphere, the temperature decreases the farther up you go from the earth's surface. 

So with an Inversion, it's actually getting warmer the furthur up you go. Lucky Marmot! This happens when a layer of air is so cold and dense that it resists the warming effects of the sun, and hugs the ground. The less dense air above this layer warms at a faster rate. 


Seen above is Marmot Basin expereincing a partularly spectacular Inversion a couple seasons back. As pictured here - The cold air sinks to the valley floor or base of the mountains and becomes trapped, a process known as "cold air damming".