On March 3rd & 4th, Marmot Basin received it's single largest snowfall of the year! More snow fell at Marmot than any other western Canadian ski area received over the same period of time.

THE SNOW STARTED FALLING ON THE MORNING OF THE MARCH 3RD AND DIDN'T STOP UNTIL 9 AM ON MARCH 4TH. It came down hard and fast. By Saturday morning over half a meter (21 inches) of dry Rocky Mountain powder had landed on the slopes of Marmot Basin.

Snowfalls of this magnitude have an interesting effect on avid skiers and snowboarders who, for the most part, are typically mature, polite adults; they turn into frenetic “everyone for themselves, powder-crazed looneys.” Ask any one and they’ll tell you…“There are no friends on a powder day!”

Local Jasperites and visitors alike flocked to the mountain on Saturday morning in a combined state of euphoria and almost-disbelief. “I had to look twice when I saw the Marmot snow report this morning”, said Todd Noble, local Jasper resident, father of three and passionate skier of 30 years. “15 or 20 centimetres is enough for any skier or boarder to drop everything and head up to Marmot but 54 centimetres is out of this world,” added Noble as he rushed off for another run.

With toques and googles plastered with snow, and grins that would make the Cheshire Cat green with envy, skiers and snowboarders lapped run after run in thigh deep snow; all the while ignoring the cries and complaints of their burning quad muscles.  

“This snowfall has set us up perfectly for the rest of the season. Snow conditions are remarkable to say the least and are as good as they get anywhere, anytime, anyplace,” said Brian Rode, Marmot’s VP of Marketing.

Marmot Basin is open until April 30.



March 7th, 2017