Welcome to Marmot Basin’s Long-Range Plan

Ski Marmot Basin is happy to announce that our 1st Long Range Plan was approved on June 5th, 2015.

Read the Press Release for the Long Range Plan Approval.


  • Ski areas in national parks are managed through a structured suite of policy tools, including park management plans, the 2006 Ski Area Management Guidelines, site guidelines specific toeach ski area, and long range plans.
  • Long range plans are required for all national park ski areas and outline the ski area’s development and operation for a five to 15-year period.
  • The Marmot Basin Site Guidelines were approved in 2008 by Parks Canada. Since that time, Ski Marmot Basin has worked closely with Parks Canada to prepare their Long Range Plan submission.
  • Ski Marmot Basin is the second ski area after Mount Norquay to have an approved Long Range Plan.