Geocaching is a fun activity for all the family to explore the mountain in a high tech treasure hunt to learn about Marmot Basin and Jasper National Park. To learn more visit geocaching 101.

Even if you don't have a GPS device you can still join the treasure hunt by using clues to find the hidden pages.

At Marmot Basin the best place to start is the top of the Canadian Rockies Express. From here you can find all the caches in one trip to the bottom of the hill. You will also be on green runs all the way down.

At each location there is laminated page attached to a sign or pole or something man made. The page contains information about Marmot Basin and Jasper National Park. When you have finished your treasure hunt why not write down your answers on our geocache form and drop by the Group Sales counter, near Rentals, in the Lower Lodge and pick up stickers or other cool things!

If you have a GPS unit or a GPS enabled device you can use the co-ordinates below:

Cache 152 deg 47.676min118 deg 06.824min
Cache 252 deg 47.625min118 deg 06.394min
Cache 352 deg 47.888min118 deg 06.197min
Cache 452 deg 48.097min118 deg 05.820min
Cache 552 deg 48.100min118 deg 05.481min
Cache 652 deg 48.071min118 deg 05.005min

For those without a GPS, here are the clues to help you find the pages:

Cache 1Behind the first S Turns ski run sign after the long traverse from the Canadian Rockies Express
Cache 2Behind sign at the junction of S Turns and Eagle Ridge Chair runs
Cache 3Behind big map sign a few metres downhill of the Paradise Lodge
Cache 4Behind sign marking Bunny Hop and Old Road (a ways below Eagle Chair)
Cache 5On the post at top entrance to School House run (the post has a snowmobile sign on it)
Cache 6On the Lower Lodge deck near the Canadian Rockies Academy sign

All caches are approximately line of sight from the one before. This means you can get a general bearing and distance and then pocket your device and just ski. Remember the info sheets are attached to a human made object. You can see the target from a long way uphill.

Remember to ski or ride safely, watch for others and make sure your device is secure or stowed away.

If you like this activity, there are many more for you to find in the Park. Check out the Jasper National Park geocache list or search for more at