Currently -20°C at Mid Mountain - 1980m / 6494ft.
  • Highway 16, Showoff, and Porteous Way are some of the favorites that were groomed in Upper Mountain last night. On Lower Mountain, Dromedary and The Dell and many others were groomed overnight. 

Grooming Report - Updated: 28th Feb - 2:04am

25 Runs Groomed Overnight

  • Upper Mountain:
    Basin Run Highway 16 S-Turns Marmot Run Willi's Way Wolverine Wallow Gun Sight Porteous Way Paradise
    Fresh Tracks Easy Street
    Kiefers Chute, Show off midpitch
  • Lower Mountain:
    Home Run Roll Out School House Dromedary Bunny Hop The Dell Old Road Tranquilizer Eagle Flight Terrain Park Sleepy Hollow Rail Park Chalet Express Triple Access
    Lower spillway, Deadfall
  • Groomer's Pick: Highway 16