Ski Marmot Basin continues to work with Parks Canada to develop our first Long Range Plan (LRP) and Detailed Impact Analysis (DIA). Ski Marmot Basin has prepared a Newsletter and Summary of the LRP & DIA to coincide with the commencement of the Public Review Phase of the long range planning process.

The full Long Range Plan, DIA and Supplemental Volume are available for download below: 
The documents have been split into sections for ease of downloading:
Long Range Plan:
LRP Table of Contents
LRP Section 1 - Introduction

LRP Section 2 - Project Details
LRP Section 3 - Summary of DIA
LRP Section 4 - Requirements
LRP Section 5 - Plan Implementation

Detailed Impact Analysis:
DIA - Executive Summary 
DIA Section 1 - Introduction & Overview
DIA Section 2 - Legislation & Policies
DIA Section 3 - Scope of Projects
DIA Section 4 - Public & Aboriginal Engagement
DIA Section 5 - Environmental Assessment Methodology
DIA Section 6 - Description of the Environment
DIA Section 7 - Potential Effects and Mitigations
DIA Section 8 - Cumulative Effects
DIA Section 9 - Monitoring and Future Requirements
DIA Section 10 - Knowledge Deficiencies
DIA Section 11 - Conclusions
DIA Section 12 - Closure
DIA Section 13 - References
DIA Appendix A
DIA Appendix B

Supplemental Volume:
Aquatic Technical Memorandum
Wildlife Technical Memorandum
Water Management Strategy
Vegetation Management Strategy Part 1
Vegetation Management Strategy Part 2
Environmental Monitoring Management Strategy
Best Management Practices Specific to Marmot Basin
Limits to Growth & Resort Balancing
Marmot Basin Ski Area Architectural Guidelines

Open Houses will be held in Jasper & Edmonton to further discuss the draft LRP & DIA. Representatives will be available to answer your questions and provide further information. We look forward to seeing you there!

June 23rd, 2014 June 24th, 2014
4pm - 8pm 4pm - 8pm
Royal Mayfair Golf Club (Banquet A) Lobstick Lodge, Skyline Lounge
9450 Groad Rd NW, Edmonton. 94 Geikie St, Jasper.