Customs & Immigration

If you are from overseas and you are arriving on a sponsored LMO work visa please have the following information with you for clearing customs and immigration as it will make the process easier for you.

  • Your work visa
  • A copy of your completed job offer
  • Proof you have a return flight or proof you have funds for at least 3 months to buy a return ticket
  • A local hotel/hostel name if you're staying overnight in the city where you land or details on how you're getting to your destination, e,g, bus transfer details
  • Your accommodation details in Jasper
  • Your travel/medical insurance to cover you while you are in Canada
  • For positions such as Snow Sports Instructors you should also ensure your insurance covers you for this activity and also have your instructor qualifications or current membership details
  • Any other accompanying documentation relevant to your job offer such as qualifications/certifications or criminal record checks 

Getting to Jasper

The best way to get to Jasper is flying via Calgary or Edmonton. It is more direct to fly to Edmonton and in the winter the road is less likely to be closed due to snow storms or avalanches.

By Train

If you fly into Vancouver Airport you can take the scenic VIA Rail train to Jasper. Information on rates and dates of travel can be found on the Via Rail website.

By Road

From Vancouver you can take Greyhound bus service; information on rates and schedules are available the Greyhound Bus website.

From Calgary or Edmonton you can take Sundog Tours Shuttle bus from the airport to Jasper. When you book online mention in the comments section that you are Marmot Basin staff and the department you are working for and Sundog Tours will give you a 20% discount off of the cost.

The Moose Travel Network, out of Vancouver, are doing a pick-up of all staff hired through IEP Work Canada Job Fairs and they will deliver through, Panorama, Banff and then to Jasper, all information on this can be found through IEP.

I’m here! Now, Where Do I Live?

We have a variety of different accommodation options available for all our staff. We have an accommodation supervisor who will email you the full details once employment is attained. These vary from shared houses to shared/individual apartments.

You can also check out Jasper Buy Sell and Trade on Facebook! A useful place to find accommodation or items to go in it! Or visit our local newspaper, The Fitzhugh, and check out the classified section.

PO Box

Make sure you have a mailing address for family to contact you. Once you are established in Jasper visit the Post Office at 502 Patricia Street, Jasper and set up a mailbox or General Delivery for pick-up of your mail. You will need proof of accommodation to obtain this.

Ready to Start Work?

Startup Forms

You will be required to fill out startup forms before you start at Marmot, so make copies of the following paperwork to attach to your form:

  • Work Visa
  • SIN Card
  • Travel Insurance
  • Criminal Record Check (if requested in you job offer)
  • Proof of valid certifications (if requested in your job offer)
  • Any other documents requested in your job offer

SIN Card

Have you got your SIN card? We need to see it when you arrive for work. We recommend that you obtain your SIN card, or card renewal, in the city where you first land (Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver for instance) as Service Canada offices are more easily available and it will save you time and mean you're eligible to work as soon as you reach Jasper.

If you're not able to do this then Service Canada representatives do come to Jasper (weather permitting) on set days and offices are available in either Hinton (normally on Thursdays only) or Edson (5 days a week) - however this does involve travel and relies on you having transport to get there.

Contact Human Resources at Marmot Basin for specific dates of Service Canada visits to Jasper.


We also need a deposit slip or void check from your bank so we can pay you! Details of banks can be found through Human Resources or in the town of Jasper if you need to set one up. We will have bank representatives at Marmot on occasion to help you with this.

Staff Transportation

Marmot Basin runs a daily staff shuttle service to get you to and from the hill. Times and pick up locations are below:

  • 7:05am Cavell Apts
  • 7:10am Tags Convenience Store
  • 7:15am Athabasca Hotel
  • 7:20am Maligne Lodge

On your days off your staff pass also allows you use the public shuttle service. However certain restrictions do apply:

  1. From Jasper you may only board the public shuttle at the Maligne Lodge/Mount Robson Inn pick-up point if there are seats available and the driver allows you to board
  2. From Marmot Basin you may only board the public shuttle after all members of the public have boarded if there are seats available and the driver allows you to board

How Cold Does it Get?

The average temperatures for December/January are -7°C to -11°C, however for those few days below average in our Canadian winter we suggest wearing layers of warm clothing.


If you are working outside, outerwear will be provided, but you will need warm boots and gloves. Various items of workwear are available at reduced prices to staff dependent on the department you are working in. You will also need warm layers of underclothes to build your 'layers'. If you are working inside, you will need black trousers/pants or black jeans and comfortable black shoes as part of your uniform. Branded tops are available at minimal cost which make up the rest of your uniform.

Phone Home

Telephone service can be arranged through Telus or Rogers; Internet service can be set-up through Telus or Shaw. There is also a free telephone service to call home available at Jasper Life on Patricia Street.

Social Events & Benefits

We organize staff events throughout the season for everyone starting with our 'meet and greet' evening at the start of the season. Jasper is a small, but friendly, community and there is always something going on! Jasper Life provide some fabulous activities such as ice climbing, visits to other ski resorts and much more. Information is circulated monthly on their events through our staff newsletter.

We also have some great discounts available in town as part of your staff package too. Details are available through Human Resources.

Still Have Questions?

Contact our Human Resources team.