Level 1 - Discover/Never Before

The Discover lesson is designed and intended for first time Skiers or Snowboarders. It covers the basic skills required to get you sliding on your own.

Level 2 - Green Circle

This level is a progression from Discover. It is designed for Skiers or Snowboarders using green circle terrain and wish to improve their basic technique. Skiers or Snowboarders interested in this program should be able to stop and change direction to avoid obstacles.

Level 3 - Blue Square

This level is intended for Skiers or Snowboarders who can get down a blue terrain. We will help you consolidate your skills and refine your technique, making your alpine decent easier. 

Level 4 - Black Diamond & Beyond

This level welcomes Skiers or Snowboarders who attempt black diamond terrain, and want to find a more efficient way down the mountain. This group goes off the groomed run and at times in moguls, if the conditions are appropriate.

Terrain Park Intro

These sessions work on the basic foundations to safely use the small features in the terrain park. Basic moves such as small spins and grabs can be developed.

Terrain Park Progression

For Riders and skiers who already have some experience on the small features and want to work their way up to medium and large features and develop more technical moves.