• Wow - 55 cm in the past 24 hours!! 75 cms in the past 2 days (that's 2 1/2 feet of snow!!)
    **Please note: - The School House Triple Chair is now open. The Eagle Express Quad Chair will open around 11am today and more lifts will open thoughout the morning once our Avalanche Control team have completed their safety checks. What an incredible snowfall!! 

    Drive safely as you head up the mountain and stay tuned to this report, as we will be updating it regularly!

    Pow day - wohoo!!

Grooming Report - Updated: 28th Nov - 10:12am

15 Runs Groomed Overnight

  • Upper Mountain: Basin Run, S-Turns, Paradise
  • Lower Mountain: Home Run, Roll Out, School House, Bunny Hop, Old Road, Tranquilizer, Eagle Flight, Slow Poke, Sleepy Hollow, Rail Park, Chalet Express
  • Groomer's Pick: Tranquilizer